6 Reasons to Secure Your Move This Spring

6 Reasons to Secure Your Move This Spring

Sometimes you don’t have much choice over the timing of your relocation. If you’re fortunate enough to move during the spring, then you’re in luck! Don’t wait until this season is over to secure your moving company, because if you put it off much longer, you’ll be missing out on exclusive benefits.

Competitive Prices

Peak moving season doesn’t usually start until after spring, so it’s not too late to take advantage of those off-season deals. Although you won’t get winter moving rates, you won’t pay full price either which can mean hundreds of dollars saved depending on the size and scope of your move.

Quality Movers

When the moving season is at its peak, some moving companies deal with the strain by hiring temporary employees. Although being short-staffed isn’t good for customer service, poorly trained packers aren’t either. When moving during the spring, you’re more likely to work with in-house moving crews that are experienced and know how to get the job done right.

Convenient Scheduling

The sooner your book your moving company the more scheduling options you will have. During the spring, you might find that even more dates are available, so you might be able to have your entire move completed during spring break or at another convenient time. Another perk to spring scheduling is avoiding last-minute cancellations. Less reputable moving companies will cancel simple moves during the peak season to make room for a project that pays more.

Comfortable Weather

The perils of winter moving are rather obvious, especially if you’re relocating up north. Summer moving can be equally challenging, especially during those days of sweltering temperatures. Spring offers the perfect balance, providing you and the moving crew with warm sun and cool breezes. Just be sure to take needed precautions during allergy season!

Sellers’ Market

If you plan to sell your home or other property, then spring is the time! Most people prefer to purchase a new home in the spring and early summer months, and springtime provides greater opportunity for making your home attractive. Along with spring cleaning, you can spruce up the place with flower beds and luscious green plants.

Garage Sale

Getting rid of items you no longer need is much easier during the spring. Why? Homeowners are often looking for something new to refresh their decor, and a garage sale is the perfect place to get a good deal. Not only can you make a few dollars by hosting a garage sale, you could save money on moving and storage costs by letting go of things you purged during spring cleaning!


Moving during the spring has some great perks! Are you ready to get started? Whether you need a local or long distance moving company that will treat you right, go with On The Move. We offer full-service moving and storage services at a fair price, and our team of trained and uniformed pros provides the best customer service possible. Contact us today for easy scheduling and get a free, no-obligation cost estimate!

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